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Sunday 7 May 2023

Africa’s largest hotel Gets a Grand Opening

Africa’s largest hotel Gets a Grand Opening

Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest aviation group in Africa, holds a grand opening of the largest hotel on the African continent as it inaugurates the second phase of the Ethiopian  Skylight Hotel. Ethiopian Airlines opened the first phase of Ethiopian Skylight Hotel back in January 2019. With the new extension, the hotel now has a total of 1,024 modern rooms and suites with different room types including fully equipped apartments suitable for long and short-staying guests. 

The hotel also incorporates meeting and event facilities which can accommodate from  small to up to 5000 guests, 19 food and beverage outlets including Ethiopian, Italian,  Arabian and Asian restaurants, coffee houses, bars, recreational facilities and spots for  sips or hand-crafted cocktails with a panoramic view of the airport and the city. 

Regarding the grand opening of Ethiopian Skylight Hotel’s second phase, Ethiopian  Airlines Group CEO Mr. Mesfin Tasew said “We are truly pleased to be standing here today on the grand opening ceremony of Ethiopian Skylight Hotel’s second phase as we will now have an even greater facility to accommodate guests. Above all we are thrilled with the accomplishment as it takes our contribution to Ethiopia’s tourism sector a step higher. The hotel is suitable to accommodate both business and leisure events and stays. Skylight Hotel has been providing a wide range of luxury experiences to its guests and with the completion of the second phase more five-star facilities and experiences will be available. With Skylight Hotel having more than 1000 rooms  and several other facilities, we can now proudly say that we have the largest hotel in the African  continent”

Located in the diplomatic capital of Africa, Addis Ababa, home to UNECA and AU  headquarters, Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, stands within a prime location at just 5 minutes’ walk from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The hotel is built to be a suitable space for both business and social event gatherings.  

Construction of phase two of the project had been ongoing while the hotel’s services were open and available for guests through the first phase of Ethiopian Skylight facility.  It is also to be recalled that Ethiopian inaugurated a Five-Star In-Terminal Hotel which is set to take passengers' transit experience at Ababa Bole International Airport to a whole new level with 97 modern and luxurious rooms, a restaurant, a meeting space, and other facilities within the airport Departure Terminal 2 back in September 2022 which is managed under Ethiopian Skylight Hotel.  

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